Tax Planning Service

Achieving tax savings is a universal financial goal. When tax burdens decrease your available financial resources, you need advice and guidance from financial professionals who know how to address tax challenges and seize tax-saving opportunities.

At Genshape Management Limited, we view tax planning as a key component of a unified strategic planning process. Our corporate, partnership, individual, fiduciary, state and local, and international tax professionals work as a team with our financial planning and benefits advisers on an ongoing basis to integrate the most effective tax strategy into your financial and business planning. We are business advisers experienced at serving the needs of a diverse client base, with an understanding of the issues faced by organizations ranging in size from start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our individual, fiduciary, and private foundation clients also cover a broad range of situations.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide international tax planning services to closely held multi-national businesses. In fact, the tax structure that may be best suited for these types of operations is generally very different from the structure utilized by larger operations.


Fiduciary and Management Services


Management Services  by Professional Accountants

Customers who wish to increase the physical presence of operating in foreign countries, may use our management services provided by professional accountants. A professional accountant adds value to a company as he/she can look after the activities of a company. This service is most suitable for customer who wish to have additional bargain against tax authorities in their home country.

Nominee Director

The Nominee Director acts on behalf of the company owners and serves three main purposes. Firstly, he enhances the privacy of the actual beneficial owner of the company’s official documents and public records. Secondly, he justifies the tax residency of a legal entity. This is especially necessary when the country’s tax system is taxed profits based on effective management and control. Finally, he completes the mandatory reporting compliance requirements of the legal entity on behalf of the beneficial owner.

Nominee Shareholder

Nominee shareholder is one of the most common ways to safeguard the identity of the beneficial owners from the public records. The privacy of information about the beneficial owner’s identity is safeguarded and is only known by the service provider. A nominee shareholder is acting on behalf of the beneficial owner as a trustee to the affairs of the company.

Nominee Secretary

In multiple jurisdictions, the corporate framework requires the appointment of a secretary. A company secretary has a number of responsibilities such as holding the register of Directors and Shareholders. The Secretary also holds the minutes of Directors and shareholder resolutions.

Corporate Tax Administration

Many countries require the submission of an annual tax declaration to local authorities. Each jurisdiction has its own specific format and requirements. In addition, where a corporation tax liability is created within a jurisdiction, it must be settled to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

VAT Administration

A company registered with the VAT office in any country within the EU, has to submit reports to authorities. can assist clients to complete this report by requesting certain information from clients.

Annual Audit

Some jurisdictions require to submit annual audited accounts to the authorities. Such services can be provided to our clients’ incorporated companies through at an additional fee based. Our clients do not need to worry about compliance requirement since we will take care this matter as well.

Accounting records

Every business around the world is required by business practices and law to have accounting records available to its stakeholder. Clients may outsource the preparation of accounting records to us for various reasons such as cost effectiveness and to exploit the true single portal to manage their legal vehicles.

Telephone services 

Have your own telephone number in a foreign country and receive or make calls through that number. Each call may be answered by dedicated personnel and the contact details can be forwarded to you by email or even incoming calls can be forwarded to a specific number.

Mail Forwarding

Your email will be processed efficiently and quickly and can be stored at the company’s folder or be re-send to you to a specific address.