This Fast & Easy Offshore nominee share company and bank account is yours for the asking…if you act fast!

Here is a World Class opportunity with second to none banking privacy. This anonymous setup is both professional offering fast set up. It’s a Fast & Easy Offshore nominee share company in any company name (subject to availability,) plus a company bank account offering excellent secure banking and an ATM card (at an additional fee)!

OffshoreInc365 says if you want to preserve your privacy take advantage of this unique opportunity and get this offer of a Fast & Easy Offshore any nominee share company bank account with an any name, no anonymous ATM card denominated in USD or EUR.

This secret account is much like the now defunct Swiss numbered accounts, but goes one better. Fast & Easy Offshore is required from you so you can retain anonymity and your privacy! This company and company bank account is located in a privacy friendly country, but not Panama nor Belize. It is operated using nominee shares offering you unprecedented anonymity and privacy. The bank account will be in a jurisdiction in which does NOT exchange information through OECD CRS.

Fast & Easy Offshore is the new way to maintain the highest level of anonymity. You and only you maintain sole control over your signature, account and funds at all times! The bank account comes with secure online banking for your account in USD or EUR and includes assistance from a private banker which you can communicate directly and advice you accordingly.

All for just EUR5.000. Set up time 2 weeks plus or minus. (An additional fee of EUR2000 applies by the bank payable upon first transfer to the account)


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Here’s what you receive:

  • A brand new Offshore company
  • Zero tax on income
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Secretary
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Trust Declaration
  • Company bank account with secure banking (swift/Iban wires in and out)
  • Private Banker direct communication (if you choose to be the bank signatory)
  • ATM card (optional)
  • No exchange of information (OECD CRS does not reach this bank)
  • First year’s government and resident agent’s fees included.
  • Just 2 weeks are required to have everything up and running


Annual maintenance fees from 2nd year and thereafter at EUR5.000


As always, we’ve test driven this amazing banking product and have to admit we were very impressed! Everything was setup in a remarkably short period of time to our full satisfaction. There are friendly, efficient English speaking staff to assist you all the way. In fact, opening this bank account took us back to the good old days of hassle free banking. It was a pleasure to open and operate this account that frankly, we had forgotten what friendly banking meant!

The bank has a physical presence where you can walk into and make deposits and withdraw funds. It offers excellent internet banking and above average customer service in English! The bank has multiple locations in Europe, and Middle East. There is a very good level of anonymity with this company and banking product.

We haven’t been this excited about a banking product for nearly a decade. Now you can take advantage of this incredible banking opportunity and get in on the ground floor— if you act fast! Failure to act now will result in you becoming disappointed and loosing out on this fantastic opportunity. Nothing lasts forever and this opportunity won’t either. Act now and order when they last!

This incredible Fast & Easy Offshore company bank account package is available for just EUR 5.000


What we require from you:

  • Our fee of EUR 5.000 payable through Paypal or Bank wire
  • Your preferred names for company creation (if any)
  • Bank statement of existing bank account with minimum balance of EUR or USD 50.000 which will be transferred to the bank account
  • Contact details
    • Name and Surname
    • Certified copy of a valid passport
    • Utility bill (no older than 3 months) showing your street address
    • Telephone number
    • Email
  • Video call through mobile application
  • Few details about major parties for which will send in or out funds from the bank account


Bank Account Features

Account opening € 2000
Account maintenance (month) Free
Incoming transfers € 25
Internal transfers Free
External Transfer/Express 0,5% (min 40€)/0.5% (max 200€)
Debit Card fees  
Cash withdrawal 2.5%
Debit card RECHARGE 1%


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Delivery time: Approximately 2 weeks.

Corporate documents and ATM card delivered by courier delivery anywhere in the world from the time your account is created.

Price: EUR 5.000- (All corporate service fees and courier delivery included!) – Charged annually on the anniversary date